About our Wedding Expo Dollars Incentive Program

Wedding Expo Dollars or WEDs are coupons vendors can accept either at the expo, or within a specific timeframe, to provide a special offer, upgrade or discount to encourage couples to book your company, products or services for their wedding. Each General Admission bride attending the show receives one sheet of 10 WEDs, while VIP brides receive two sheets of 10.


Brides and grooms will be looking for the vendors at the show that provide a special offer that is only redeemable with WEDs, and they are always very excited to use this incentive with our vendors. We encourage you to take advantage of this benefit! WEDs are subject to the terms of each participating vendor.

Here are some tips for setting your custom WED terms:

  • Each WED is worth between $25.00 and $100.00, depending on the offer.
  • Vendors may provide more than one offer.
  • Some vendors require WEDs to be redeemed at the show with a contract, while others accept them within a specific timeframe, provided the couple schedules an appointment at the show.
  • If an offer is for something under $100.00 - the couple will still use one WED to redeem it (this is good for vendors with lower price services or products).
  • Vendors can require redemption of multiple WEDs for higher value offers. The terms of an offer cannot be changed after the expo